Hasegawa Creator Works Series Movie version Galaxy Express 999 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 1/2500 scale Color-coded plastic model CW20

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A plastic model that requires assembly painting. Separate tools and paint are required.
1/2500 scale color-coded plastic assembly kit
Completion size: 226.5mm x 100mm (8.917in x 3.937in)
Exhibition stand (clear molding) Attached product introduction Space pirate battleship Arcadia (from "Galaxy Express 999 theatrical version") Model total length 226.5 mm, 1/2500 scale model is now available in a completely new mold! The popular 1/1500 scale Arcadia has been downsized to an affordable 1/2500 scale! No adhesive is required for assembly, and the four parts colors make it easy for beginners to assemble. The triple pulsar cannon can rotate the turret / barrel can be moved up and down, and the space buster (quick-firing gun) can be moved up and down. Comes with a knife-shaped ram part (replaceable) on the bow. There are four parts colors: green, brown, white, and black (the color scheme of each CG image is an image of the parts color). A stand for exhibition is attached (the part color of the stand will be clear). Attached decal skull mark (side of hull, bridge, stern tower), carving pattern of stern tower, etc. * This product is a plastic model that requires assembly and painting. * Tools and paint are required for assembly and painting.

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