Star Wars X-Wing 2E: Core Set

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It is a period of civil war. The Galactic Empire spreads its tyranny across the stars, seeking to crush the Rebel Alliance. However, hope is not so easily extinguished. Now, the heroic pilots of the Rebellion take to their X-wing starfighters to face endless swarms of Imperial TIE fighters with the fate of the galaxy on the line...

Star Wars X-Wing is a fast-paced game of tactical space combat in the Star Wars universe. Players control starfighters, enlist iconic pilots, equip special weapons and upgrades, and engage enemy craft to seize victory.

This box contains everything two players need to get started playing X-Wing, including painted plastic ships, custom dice, cards, tokens, a Quick Start Guide, and a Rulebook.

3 Painted Plastic Ships
  ‣ 2 TIE/In Fighters
  ‣ 1 T-65 X-wing
3 Plastic Small Ship Bases
6 Plastic Pegs
8 Small Ship Tokens
3 Maneuver Dials
3 Dial ID Tokens
18 ID Tokens
6 Lock Tokens
6 Standard Charges
3 Critical Damage Markers
3 Evade Tokens
1 Disarm Token
3 Ion Tokens
1 First Player Marker
4 Focus Tokens
2 Force Charges
4 Shields
5 Stress Tokens
6 Obstacles
2 Hyperspace Markers
33 Damage Cards
13 Ship Cards
20 Upgrade Cards
4 Quick Build Cards
2 Position Makers
11 Maneuver Templates
1 Range Ruler
3 Red Attack Dice
3 Green Defense Dice
1 Rulebook
1 Quick Start Guide

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