The Dwarves Big Box

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The Big Box Edition for Mark Heitz's best-selling novel series The Dwarves allows you to bring all five books to life on the game table.

Fight against the Army of Evil, defend yourself against dragons, find the Mighty Diamond, and exercise your influence in the Dwarven Council. Choose between several levels of difficulty from easy to heroic.

Enjoy may hours of play in Girdlegard with this classic cooperative game!

 • Encounter new challenges with unique decks of cards for each book.

 • Experience diverse, thematically designed game material including 15 detailed miniatures.

 • Choose from 12 different Heroes.

 • Fight Orcs, Trolls, and Élfar.

 • Travel Girdlegard and influence the Dwarven Council

The Dwarves Big Box combines 2012's award-winning base game, the large Saga Expansion, the New Heroes Expansion, the story expansions Combined Might and The Triumph of the Dwarves as well as the Alfar Expansion in one appealing, highly re-playable package.


2 Game Boards
212 Cards
15 Miniatures
12 Character Boards
75 Troops
104 Tiles
15 Scenario Markers
7 Number Dice
3 Recruitment Dice
6 Health Markers
1 Rules Booklet

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

• Cooperative Game
• Dice Rolling

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